Fullife Foundation

The Fullife Foundation was established to ‘make a difference’ to those in developing countries who do not have the opportunities, or the basic necessities of life that we in Australia take for granted


Starting as an idea on a windswept Queensland beach in late 2011, the Fullife Foundation has been on a journey to develop into an effective, transparent, and meaningful vehicle for good in the pharmacy industry and beyond.


While the concept excited us, the same could not be said for a number of charities we approached in the months following. Truth is, the whole project could have died if it were not for a chance meeting

I had with a friend who had commenced working with World Vision.


Their openness to our ideas was refreshing, along with their reputation for integrity and transparency and their transformational and holistic approach to those in developing countries; all key points for us.


We commenced by sponsoring 50 children through World Vision in Samre, northern Ethiopia, and over the next 2 years, thanks to the generosity of customers and Fullife Pharmacies, the number has increased to over 200 children.


The Fullife Foundation, a fully registered public charity is an integral part of the Fullife Pharmacy model, and allows our customers to get connected with our work in Ethiopia and beyond in a number of meaningful ways


A visit to Ethiopia in March 2014 was a life-changing experience – to witness our sponsorship at work in such a powerful and meaningful way was truly humbling. We were fortunate to meet a number of our sponsor children, as well as many Ethiopians who had benefited from our support.


Our goal is simple – to help as many as possible in developing countries to ‘lead a full life’.