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How did you sleep last night?

Many of us regularly answer that question negatively with droopy eyes and tired limbs as we drag ourselves out of bed in the morning. About a third of our Fullife customers suffer from insomnia and other sleeping difficulties at some stage or another and, as a result, they often ask us about why they don’t sleep well, and how they can improve their sleep patterns on a regular basis. Here are some of our answers, to your questions.

What is “a good night’s sleep”?

The definition of “a good sleep” can vary significantly from one person to the next. What seems like insomnia or poor sleep to one person might be considered more than adequate sleep by another. An average night for an adult is around eight hours sleep in total – preferably un-interrupted. Some people only need five, while others like up to 10 hours or more. Therefore, when determining if your sleep patterns are “good”, it is best to decide what works for you rather than measure the quality of your sleep by what other people do. Many people tell me how they “didn’t sleep a wink all night” or they complain that they “woke at two o’clock and couldn’t get back to sleep”. Dropping in and out of sleep cycles is usually very subtle and, although we can think we have been awake for a long time through the wee hours of night, we have actually often been drifting off to sleep for a considerable portion of the time without being

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